Mini Post: Deck Rebuild –

By Wayne Halm –

Time to dress up the deck planks – that’s a fancy way of saying routing and sanding.

For the deck planks I used construction grade 2x6s because I wanted the strength. But they did require a good bit of prep work before staining and sealing.

It took a while, but a router, belt sander, and stubborn operator were enough to smooth out the planks.

(Click on any picture for a larger view – then use the browser ‘back’ button.)

2015-11-17--#01--Deck Rebuild - Unsanded Plank

Unsanded plank.



2015-11-17--#02--Deck Rebuild - Sanded Plank

Sanded plank.  the sanding made the plank look better – and made it ‘feel’ much better.

I bought a low end router to round the edges. The price ($49.99) seemed good – then I discovered that the bits cost almost as much.  I bought it anyway, I don’t want Sally or my puppies to get any splinters.

Sanding was a full day’s work. However, there was time to stain and seal a few of the deck planks.

2015-11-17--#03--Deck Rebuild - Partially stained deck

Margie checked out my work – I think she approved.


Things didn’t look all that different at the end of the day. I didn’t matter, I knew good work had been done.

Check back tomorrow and see what happens.

Then — Come play golf with me.


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4 thoughts on “Deck Post 7 Sanding

    • Aloha Jim,

      Thank you, I will keep “plugging away”. Though I must admit, in the middle of the afternoon I was having second thoughts about the 2x6s. That was a lot of work for it to look pretty much the same. But you are right, it will be worth it.

      A Hui Hou,

  1. Aloha Wayne,

    That is definitely a look of approval on Margie’s face. And from what I can see, I also have a look of approval. I now have someone I can ask for advice when I have to build a deck. Excited to see the finished product!


    • Aloha Josh,

      I am learning a lot – and the challenges are sort of fun. However, the sanding was just plain work. I will look back and laugh about it when the deck is finished – nah, why wait, I’ll laugh now.

      A Hui Hou,

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