Opinion: Golf Blogs –

by Wayne Halm –

“Check out the competition – see how you stack up” – wise words.

I want to be wise — So I searched the Internet for other golf blogs – the results struck me odd.

There are plenty of websites trying to sell me equipment, lessons, and discounted tee times.  I guess that’s all good stuff – but to me it is just advertising – not golf.

Also there are websites with professional photos of professional players and glowing articles about PGA events.  Again, I guess there is room for that – but to me it is just television and PGA hype – not golf.

Where are the stories and pictures of people having fun playing golf?

I believe golf is something you do – not something you buy – and not something you watch.  Golf is something you play.  So my message to golfers: “Get off you butts – Get away from the television – Get out on the course – You’ll have a lot more fun.”

Am I alone in that opinion?  Not quite.  I did discover a blog at http://brianpenn.wordpress.com that was about golfing.  Brian Penn actually writes stuff there – and seems to have fun golfing – my kind of guy.  I recommend reading it on rainy days when the course is closed.

Now, I may simply not be very good with the ‘search thing’.  If you know of any other good golfing blogs, please tell me about then in a comment.

Come play golf with me.


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