Round Played: with Louis Howard –
by Wayne Halm –

On June 7th 2014 I played the Kauai Lagoons Course with Louis Howard of Denver, Colorado.  Louis’s wife, Charlene, rode with him and my wife, Sally, rode with me – yes, we got plenty of coaching and advice.

I admit that I was tempted to say I played with former NFL Coach Tony Dungy, Louis looks a lot like him.  But I promised that I would be honest on the blog – that is Louis in the pictures.

We started the round under partly cloudy skies with a moderate trade wind – nice conditions.  The trades got brisker as we played – by 17 and 18 they were strong.  A trade shower came over as we finished the front, we just sat in the snack shop for 5 minutes and it blew past

The PoP (Pace of Play) was not an issue.  We talked and laughed so much that the four-some in front of us gradually pulled away – but no one caught us from behind.  This was just an enjoyable fun round.

My driver worked pretty well, I felt good about that part of my game.  Even so, Louis out drove me by 20 yards on most every hole – the man can hit the big stick.  I was proud that I stuck with my rhythm, I didn’t try to swing harder.  Ever notice how balls in the fairway play so much better than balls in the trees?

By the time we reached 17, the trades were blowing hard – two clubs anyway.  We managed the wind well, Louis hit the green and I landed right beside it.  Louis missed his birdie putt and I my par, but we were happy.  We both finished the hole with the same ball we started – those winds are a bear.

18 was a different story.  The lagoon got a ball from both of us – our ‘coaches’ both had comments about this.  But we were not going to let a little thing like a lost golf ball wipe the smiles from our faces – this was a good day on the golf course.

Come play golf with me.

The Kauai Lagoons Golf Club 800-634-6400 or http://www.KauaiLagoonsGolf.Com .

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2014-06-07--#04--Golf at Kauai Lagoons - Wayne Sally Charlene and Louis

2014-06-07--#03--Golf at Kauai Lagoons - Louis and Charlene

2014-06-07--#02--Golf at Kauai Lagoons - Charlene and Sally

2014-06-07--#05--Golf at Kauai Lagoons - Louis and Wayne


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