Opinion: Pace of Play # 1 – Addressing the Problem –

By Wayne Halm –

Pace of Play (PoP) is a subjective issue.  Singles and Twosomes frequently feel the PoP is too slow – the slowest foursomes on the course seldom do.  This affects the enjoyment of the game, some players get aggravated that they have to wait – others get aggravated that they feel rushed.  It must be remembered that both groups paid to play and should be allowed to enjoy their round.  The issue needs to be addressed from both sides.

I believe that PoP issues arise from unrealistic expectations.  I know golfers who think they should be able to finish a round in two and a half hours just because they play well and can do it.  I think they should be allowed to do it – if they have the very first tee time in the morning.  Otherwise two and a half hours is an unrealistic expectation.

I’ve seen other golfers who have long discussion before every shot; they seem to think they have rented the course for the entire day and feel no urge to “keep up”.  I also think they should be allowed to do this – if they have the very last tee time each day.  Otherwise they are being unrealistic and should be urged to keep up.

So what is a realistic PoP?  I think four and a half hours for a round is reasonable.  That’s 15 minutes per hole – a reasonable clip for a foursome.  Singles, twosomes, and threesomes should be able to live with it – or maybe find additional players.

With the 15 minute per hole goal in mind I will make other posts presenting ideas for achieving this reasonable PoP.  Ideas for players, golf courses, and maybe even rules officials – we are all in this together.

Come play golf with me.

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