Round Played: with John and Barbara Vien –
by Wayne Halm –

On June 1st 2014 I played the Kauai Lagoons Course with John and Barbara Vien of Redmond, California.  Doug Abran played the front nine with us but prior commitments force him to leave.

This was a good day to be on the course.  A light Kona breeze blew some fluffy clouds over head.  There was a dark rainstorm out over the ocean.  I pulled out rain gear, but it passed well south of us. .

Make no mistake about it; John and Barbara are good golfers.  “Nice par Barbara,” was one of the more common phrases of the day.  Still, they were golfing with me – and we were going to laugh.

I admit it, after watching them play the first hole I took the bait.  I ran with the big dogs for a few holes, but them my concentration began to drift.  I suspect concentration is a big part of low scores – however, on Kauai there is always something beautiful tugging on your concentration.

An amusing situation arose on the 18th hole.  Barbara’s shot to the green cleared the water but hit a rock and bounced back into the lagoon.  Following my principle that resort golf should be fun, I thought she should get a drop on the other side of the water.  However, John thought that since the ball didn’t clear the hazard stakes she had to drop on the same side.  Barbara made the issue mute by dropping a ball and landing it next to the pin.  I will have to look up the official rule on that – no I won’t, I find the rule book is confusing and boring.  Maybe someone who knows will tell me.

Come play golf with me.

The Kauai Lagoons Golf Club 800-634-6400 or http://www.KauaiLagoonsGolf.Com

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John and Barbara by ocean

John and Barbara by ocean

Barbara on 14th Tee

Barbara on 14th Tee

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