Other Stuff: Sally’s Shoes and Clothes Explained –

By Wayne Halm – 

Many know that my wife, Sally, buys a LOT of shoes and clothes … but few know that it is my fault.  This post explains how that happened.

In years gone by the TV morning weather on Kauai was presented by Trini Kaopuiki (now Clark).  Trini is an attractive woman with a pleasant voice. 

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Yes, I watched the weather each morning … after all, a golfer needs to know what the weather will be like.

One morning during Trini’s broadcast Sally came down wearing what I considered to be an ugly dress.  In an attempt at gentile subtlety I said:

“Why don’t you dress more like Trini?”

The subtlety didn’t work.  Sally’s jaw clenched and her warm brown eyes frosted over.  It did not snow on Kauai but it was awfully cold in the house for about a week.  I heard the phrase, “Wayne the Island Idiot”, quite often.

Then one morning it warmed up again.  Sally pranced down wearing this dress.


She announced, “I’m going to do what you told me and dress more like Trini.”  And the rest is history.  (I must have bought those seven words on an installment plan … because I’m still paying for them.)

Now, looking back on things, and knowing how devious women can be … I may have been setup.

But setup or not, I think Jimmy Buffett’s words express it well.

“Some people claim there is a woman to blame … But I know … It’s my own damned fault.”


Come play golf with me.

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6 thoughts on “The Trini Story

    • Aloha Brian — Yes, I’ve moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana … I tried to play golf a few weeks ago, but it was just too HOT. How do you guys do it? — A Hui Hou, Wayne

      • Wayne, we in the DC area are no strangers to the heat and humidity. I’ve found the best way to play in it is 1-2 hours before you go out, start hydrating. Drink almost too much water. But when you go out, you’ll remain amazingly comfortable during the round. Take a cart and play either early or late. Good luck!


      • Aloha Brian — Thank you, I will give that a try … but really I’m not in any hurry to get back out there. Maybe just nine in the morning next time. — A Hui Hou, Wayne

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