Other Stuff:  The End of a Chapter –

By Wayne Halm –

This “Kauai Chapter” of the Sally and Wayne Story is coming to a close.  I have left the island already and Sally will shortly.

Right now I am in Natchitoches, Louisiana looking at houses.  The dogs are with me.

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Wayne and the Pups

Sally is still on Kauai but will be moving to Honolulu, Hawaii soon.  She will start a new job at The Kahala Hotel and Resort (www.kahalaresort.com).

We will miss Kauai … and some things will change.  For instance, my golf will be different – but there will be golf, the Cypress Bend Golf Course (www.cypressbend.com) is nearby. And of course Sally denies that it has anything to do with her decision to move to Honolulu … but there are some really upscale shoe stores there.

Sally and I have done the “live in different cities” thing before … so this is all fine.  In fact, better than fine … now I have an excuse for going to Hawaii often.   

In a while I will start posting about golfing here.  I guess the backgrounds in the pictures I post will change … but I expect the people to be just as happy.  I’m looking forward to it.

Come play golf with me.

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5 thoughts on “Leaving Kauai

    • Aloha Leo — Thank you buddy. I am determined that this is going to work out fine … but I had forgotten how hot it gets in Louisiana. — A Hui Hou, Wayne

  1. Wayne,

    Although this was not what I was expecting when I saw a new post from you, it is good to hear from you. Sounds like this isn’t the first rodeo for you and Sally regarding turning over to a new chapter, so I look forward to hearing more about it, and hope you continue to post about your golfing and other adventures! Sure hope we have the chance to tee it up again, even if it isn’t on beautiful Kauai.

    Best of luck to Sally in her new position in Honolulu!


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