Mini Post: New Project –

By Wayne Halm –

I haven’t been playing golf recently because I’m working on a new project.  I haven’t done this is quite a while, and it is more painful than I remembered, but I am growing a new set of skin for my arms and legs.

Yes, old “Fun in the Sun” Wayne got sunburned … big time.  There is a saying out here, “The Hawaiian Sun likes white meat”.  Apparently it likes brown meat too, I feel fully cooked.

Doctor Ann constantly tells me, “Wayne, you need to use sunscreen”.  But I’m hardheaded, sometimes I need more than “telling”, sometimes I need to be “shown”.  Well, I’ve been shown – and I’m a believer.

Sunscreen doesn't have to be expensive - it just has to be rubbed on.

Sunscreen doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to be rubbed on.


Wiser now, I urge everyone to remember the sunscreen … then

Come play golf with me.


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