Boudreaux Joke: Argument –

By Wayne Halm –

My skin is healing slower than the 5+ hour round that cooked it.  No golf for me yet.  Instead I’ll offer you something from my South Louisiana Heritage – a Boudreaux Joke.

For those not familiar with Boudreaux Jokes:  Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are two buddies from the bayou country of south Louisiana – they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.  Charmaine is Boudreaux’s wife, she is really pretty.  They all speak Cajun which is considered a strong dialect of English by some – but I have softened the dialogue so all can understand it.

Deep in the south of Louisiana mosquitoes and Boudreaux Jokes are ubiquitous; people are constantly slapping one and hearing the other. The mosquitoes we could do without, but the Boudreaux Jokes are a joy. Below is one of them.



Boudreaux and Charmaine were having a heated argument.  At one point Charmaine asked, “If I’m so ugly and worthless, why did you marry me?”

Boudreaux looked at her coldly and answered, “I was stupid.”

“Oh, okay.  For a minute dere I thought we might be in trouble,” Charmaine said.

“And what does dat mean?” Boudreaux demanded.

“Well, all da time I hear bout people getting divorced cause dey fall out of love,” Charmaine answered, “But I can see dere ain’t no danger of you ain’t falling out of stupid.”



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