Let me save you some time – Let me tell you what is not on this blog.

Items not included:

Equipment Advertisements – There are plenty of people trying to sell you golf equipment – I am not one of them.  However, be warned – If I ever finish my damned book, I will advertise it here.
Discounted Green Fees – This topic is well covered on the Internet – I will not join the crowd.
Articles about Professional Golfers – Nope, not here – Of course if they come out and play golf with me – you will hear about that.
Commentary about Professional Golf Tournaments – I play golf, I don’t watch golf – If a tournament were played here, I’d likely complain about the course being closed.
Lessons and Tips – think about that – would you really want lessons from a ‘bogie golfer’?

This blog is about the way I play golf on Kauai. It’s about having fun playing golf.


Come play golf with me.

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