About Wayne:

“I want to be a writer should I grow old” – I’ve said that for a long time.  Now, looking at my picture on the left, I see it’s time to start typing.

Rumor has it that Mark Twain once advised, “Write about what you know.”  I can’t vouch for the rumor, but I do know the advice is good.  So, on this blog I’m going to write about golf on Kauai.

I describe myself as “a bogie golfer – on the good days.”  All of my posts will be from that perspective. I feel that bogie golfers are ill represented in golf writing.  Maybe, if I express myself well, I can add to the voice of the ‘average golfer’ – I would like that.


About his Golf:

Time was I played in weekly skins games – essentially with the same people.  I won my share, but there was money involved and people took it seriously – so seriously that they forgot to have fun.  I didn’t enjoy it, but that’s okay, I was just in the wrong place playing the wrong game.  I decided to change that.

I moved to Kauai.  Now mostly I play “resort golf” – it’s a social game.  Almost every round is with people I haven’t met before, and that is more fun.  In fact ‘fun’ is the objective.  A low score is still good, but we strive to get to know each other and enjoy the round.  We do more than just hit the ball; we talk, we applaud good shots, we high five, and we laugh – we laugh a lot.

When we have more laughs than putts – it was a good round.

If this seems like a good time to you – come play golf with me.

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9 thoughts on “About Wayne and his Golf

  1. There is a plus side to riding or walking with a “bogie golfer” on these beautiful courses. Because there are more shots, it takes longer and you have more time to enjoy the spectacular views.

    • Aloha Eugenie,
      Ahhh yes, you get it, you understand – My style of resort golf is more about being out in beautiful places and having fun, than it is about the score – Just enjoy it!
      Come play golf with me.
      A Hui Hou,

    • Aloha Michelle,
      Sometimes I write the names of uncooperative characters on golf balls – after a few solid whacks they come around. (I tried the same thing with agents, it didn’t work – I suspect the characters were just more real than the agents.)
      Golf should be fun – and it is with me.
      Come play golf with me.
      A Hui Hou,

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  3. Aloah Wayne,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, you have achieved your goal. You are an excellent writer! It is very personable; you make your guest feel special, that is a rare gift..

    One day my friend, from the clubhouse, I’ll watch you and Gary golf. You are blessed Wayne, very blessed A Hui hou

    Gay Skinner Bergeron – look at me, I’m speaking Hawaiian. What did I say?

    • Aloha Gay,
      Thank you – thank you – thank you. Your words are very kind.
      Yes, bring Gary out here. He and I can have fun golfing while you judge the merits of Hawaiian beverages. I would like that – I would like that very much.
      Your Hawaiian is excellent – Aloha (hello) and A Hui Hou (until next time). You are practically a ‘local girl’.
      A Hui Hou,

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