Round Played: with Morrie Smith and Terry Epton –

By Wayne Halm –

Team Rubber Ducky hits the links again –

On June 12th 2017 “Team Rubber Ducky” (Morrie and I) took on the awesome Makai Golf Club at Princeville on Kauai.

(Click on the pictures for a larger view – then use the browser ‘back’ button.)

Wayne and Morrie


Terry rounded up Charlie to form “The Boys in Blue” as competition.  Oh yeah, the stage was set for a good time!

Charlie Terry Wayne and Morrie


We got the scorecard completion out of the way early.  On the third hole The Boys in Blue pulled ahead … the ducks worried them but they stayed ahead.

The 3rd hole – both ducks were long – and Terry stuck his tee shot near the pin for a birdie.


But Team Rubber Ducky was not going to let a little thing like the score get in the way of FUN.  We were playing golf amongst the most spectacular scenery on the planet … and we were enjoying it.





Wayne and Morrie worrying Terry about his lead.


There is an opportunity here … Team Rubber Ducky is accepting new members.  All it takes is a yellow shirt and the ducky shorts.  Some golfing ability might be nice, but it is not essential … we are going to have fun anyway.

Come play golf with me.


The Makai Golf Club     808-826-1912    www.makaigolf.com

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6 thoughts on “Team Rubber Ducky

  1. Aloha Wayne,

    WOW! Double duckie shorts! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. Love it. Looks like the scenery in Kauai hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither has your style. Hope all is well buddy.


  2. Hello Wayne – looking forward to being back in November. I’m looking for a couple of rounds, and to try the best Loco Moco on the island.

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