Round Played: with Dan Roton and Becky Kirkpatrick –

By Wayne Halm –

How do golfers in the north do it?  Only three weeks off and I struggled.

On April 24th 2017 I played the Puakea Golf Course with my old buddy Dan Roton and my new buddy Becky Kirkpatrick (she is from Windsor, California).  I didn’t score well.  But we didn’t let that get in the way of having FUN … we just made my poor play part of the FUN.

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Dan and Becky


 I hadn’t played much in the past three weeks … been working … writing.  But this day I decided that the words could wait and went out on the course.

Right away I learned something, “Work is Bad for Golf”.  The sand wedge was my only club that worked consistently … and it got a lot of work.

This round solidified my admiration of my mainland and Canadian golf buddies.  If I didn’t play during a 4 or 5 month off season … I really believe I would have to restart at square one.  (Of course there are people who think that would be a good thing for me.)

In spite of my poor play we were having a good time … a bad shot is simply an opportunity to play the next shot from an interesting location.  But I did worry that my poor performance was affecting Dan and Becky’s game.

They tended to rush their approach shots so they could get up to the green and watch the “Wayne and his Putter Comedy Show”.


At my level of play “luck” is a big part of golf.  But this wasn’t bad luck, I think it was just me.  However, Dan has his own ideas about luck.

On the 18th green Dan asked me to come over and look at his putt.  I protested, “Dan, I just three putted, you couldn’t possibly want my comments.”

He replied, “I don’t want your advice.  I just want you to stand here and absorb all of the bad luck in the area.”

Becky and I had to laugh at that one.  And perhaps it worked … he drained the 20 footer.

This was a great day on a golf course … I needed it.  I needed to get back out as much as anyone starting their season.  I didn’t play well but we had a lot of FUN … It was the way golf should be.

I’ve already swapped out the putter in my bag and I’m looking forward to a skins game on Sunday.

I have a 2017 goal of playing golf with 100 people I haven’t met … Becky is number 8.  Want to be in that number? …

Come play golf with me.  


The Puakea Golf Course  808-245-8756   www.puakeagolf.com 


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6 thoughts on “Work is Bad for Golf

  1. I had a great time! It was nice of Becky to play from the white tees with us–to be social! Imagine how badly she would have beaten us if she had played from the ladies–I mean “forward” tees! It also makes me wonder how badly her husband, Tom, would have beaten us if his back hadn’t kept him away. We’ll have to wait for there next trip to our beautiful island to find out!



    • Aloha Dan,
      Yep, you and I always have a great time. And Becky was just down right fun to be around. Did you notice how she didn’t laugh at my shots until I started to? That must have taken a lot of will power. Get her back out here, I want to play with her again. Promise her that we will be better … we probably won’t … but promise her anyway.
      A Hui Hou,

  2. Wayne

    We Canadians feel your pain. After 200 days off, no you read that right, it almost like starting over, but things come back pretty quick. I am glad you had fun playing! Good luck in the skins game.


    • Aloha Jim,
      I am not sure what kind of first round score I would have after 200 days off – but I am sure it would be fun.
      I realize that I am simply not going to practice enough to be good. But that’s the wonderful thing about golf … you don’t have to be good to have FUN. And we do have fun.
      I’m looking forward to reading about your season.
      A Hui Hou,

  3. Aloha Wayne,

    The struggle can be real up here my friend. I would love if my off time was only 3 weeks, but that’s probably about as much of a taste of Canadian living as you’re willing to experience with. Glad you still had fun.


    • Aloha Josh,
      I honestly don’t know how you folks handle the winters. But yes, I had fun. A couple of birdies would have been nice, but really all it takes to have fun is good people … and I had that. I’m looking forward to hearing about your season.
      A Hui Hou,

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