Round played: with Dan Roton, Jack Page, and Tony Ohmann –

By Wayne Halm –

“You must really like putting” –

On March 15th 2017 I played the Puakea Golf Course with my buddy Dan Roton.  Jack Page from Koloa, Hawaii and Tony Ohmann from Roseville, California joined us.  There are no two ways about it … this was a good day to be “golfing”.

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Tony Jack and Dan


One of the things I like about my style of golf is meeting and getting to know new people.   This round put a little “twist” into that – a good twist.

Tony and I had never met before. But we soon discovered that our wives know each other quite well … it’s a small world.


If I were a considerate guy I would have worn a “hazmat suit” on this day.  It seems that three putting is quite contagious … I think I infected the other guys.  I was so off that Tony told me, “Wayne, you must really like putting.”

We all hit some good shots … but we each had our putting challenges too.


Putting challenges aside, we had a lot to smile about … we all played well.  The 13th was a particularly “happy Hole” for us.

Jack striking his “greatest golfer” pose after a fantastic tee shot.


Tony smiling after a tap-in par.


Dan after sinking his par putt.


To be sure some of our shots weren’t so good … but a lot were!  And the stories, comradeship, and laughter were great.  This was a fun day … this was the way golf should be.

I have a 2017 goal of playing golf with 100 people I haven’t met.  I’m a bit behind so far.  I can’t count Dan, but Jack and Tony are numbers 6 and 7.  Want to be in that number …

Come play golf with me.   


The Puakea Golf Course  808-245-8756   www.puakeagolf.com 


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Return to Golfing on Kauai Home Page and read about other rounds played

10 thoughts on “You must really like Putting

  1. My husband is the ultimate and the very best!! I can’t believe his engagement with others!! This man loves his life!!

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    Good to hear you’re getting a lot of practice on the greens buddy. Wouldn’t want that putting stroke to get rusty by not using it. Sounds like another fun day on the links!


    • Aloha Josh,
      It is true – “many get on the greens faster than I … but few stay longer”. But even with that, we had a great day. Are you guys in Calgary about ready to start golfing again? — A Hui Hou, Wayne

      • Aloha Wayne,

        A few brave courses have opened here in Calgary. Our driving range is set to open on Wednesday, but I suspect the course will still be 2-3 weeks. Excited to get the season started! Do you remember what it is like to have seasons? 😉


      • Aloha Josh,
        Wonderful. Soon we’ll be reading about your adventures on the courses. Train hard buddy, I suspect “Birdie Beth” will be pressing you. And of course I remember seasons … Sunscreen Season started last month.
        A Hui Hou,

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