Mini Post: I lost … Twice –

By Wayne Halm –

On November 13th 2016 I played the Puakea Golf Course with my golf group.  I don’t normally post about group play because I don’t want to distract anyone with pictures … but this was different.

My wife, Sally, walked along with me to “coach” me and to get in her FitBit steps.

I didn’t need much coaching for 15 holes … more pars than bogies, and that is good for me.  Okay, there was one hardheaded double on the card.  I just had to try a low percentage shot (and yes, the “coach” told me all about how dumb that was).  But overall I was feeling good.

Then I lost it … completely lost it – the rhythm, the feel, the concentration  … everything.  I tripled the last three holes and lost the game – and Sally’s money (she pockets whatever I win) .

The game was one loss … what was the other loss?

(Click on any picture for a larger view – then use the browser ‘back’ button.)

Milton, Sally, William, and Wendell on the Puakea Golf Course on Kauai.

My golfing buddies, I lost my golfing buddies to Sally. She so charmed them that they asked me to take a picture of them … I was relegated to group photographer. (Milton, Sally, William, and Wendell)


They laughed the entire back nine … usually at me.  But that was okay, we were having FUN.  Laughter and smiles – It was the way golf should be.

I have a 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people that I haven’t met.  I’ve played with Milton and Wendell before, but this was the first time I’ve met William – he is number 42.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


The Puakea Golf club 808-245-8756 or http://www.puakeagolf.com/

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3 thoughts on “I Lost Twice

  1. Aloha Wayne,

    Sounds like you were playing some good golf for those first 15 holes! The unraveling at the end has happened to us all. I’m sure you will make it up to Sally. You have a couple of Canadians ripe for the picking coming to play some golf with you soon.


    • Aloha Josh,
      Thank you, “unraveling” is a gentle way of saying that my brain went back to the clubhouse after 15. I’m looking forward to your visit. But no matter what you say … I’m not betting against “Fairway Beth”.
      A Hui Hou,

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