Political Post: Margie’s Position on Jobs  –

By Wayne Halm –  (My dog, Margie, is interested in the 2016 US Presidential race.  She is a thinker, not a typist, so I keyed in this Position Statement for her.)

Actually this isn’t so much a Position Statement as it is an “Admission of a Problem”.  I’ve heard that admitting the problem is the first step toward a solution.  So I’m putting a paw forward and taking that first step … see if you can identify with my situation.

“Things … they are achangin”

Things have gotten to a point where I worry about MY job now.  I am an American Guard Dog – but I can see that may not last.

I don’t worry too much about some Mexican Chihuahua or Chinese Chow taking my job.  I could sit a dozen of them back on their paws and eat their breakfast.  My Dad was a guard dog and he taught me well, I am very good at it.  But there is a new threat.

It is the ‘motion sensors’ and the “Internet connected cameras” that worry me.  What if I am a victim of technology?

What am I going to do when my job is replaced by a motion sensor light and a video camera?  It could happen … it has happened to others.

My Dad worked the same job his entire life, and that was nice.  I can be even more ferocious than he was, but I doubt that matters anymore.  It’s a different world now …  that’s just the way it is.   I suspect that someday my job will be eliminated by technology.

I see this coming and I’ve tried to prepare for that day.

  • I’ve talked to:
    • The Police about chasing criminals,
    • The Army about sniffing out explosives,
    • And the DEA about finding drugs.
      • With a little training I could do any of those jobs – but they want puppies who can have longer careers.
  • I’ve considered becoming a Service Dog and leading blind people around. 
    • But that doesn’t look promising … the lines are long, the positions are few, and again they want young dogs.
  • I’ve even talked to the airport about running birds off their runways. 
    • But they want to use machines for that … what’s an old dog to do?

I just don’t know what I will do … things don’t look good for ME.  But I do know that my puppies are going to school.  They are going to stay in school until someone takes a stick and runs them out.  Whatever jobs the future holds will require massive amounts of education … and I want them to get it.

Sure, I could teach the pups to be great guard dogs, but every day more and more guard dog positions are being outsourced to ”Security Firms” … and those jobs aren’t coming back no matter what politicians say.  No, it is better that the pups go to school and learn things that I don’t know.  They will need to be smarter than I am … success in the future will demand it.

So I urge people, figure out how to send your little ones to school for as long as possible.

Then come play golf with Wayne.     


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4 thoughts on “Margie’s Position on Jobs

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  3. Aloha Wayne,

    Good points here buddy. Technology/artificial intelligence can actually be a pretty scary thing and there is definitely a point of diminishing returns when more people lose jobs than the technology benefits. Hopefully you keep Margie educated and employed 😉


    • Aloha Josh,
      Thank you. I suspect that fairly soon there will have to be some major changes made to the rules. But don’t worry too much about Margie, my friend Mierel has offered to hire her as a “shopping escort” where she can provided immediate active intervention if required. And if that doesn’t work out, she can always be a “kept woman” (though that may hurt her pride.) I’m looking forward to seeing you and Beth.
      A Hui Hou, Wayne

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