Political Post: Margie’s Position on Tariffs  –

By Wayne Halm –  (My dog, Margie, is interested in the 2016 US Presidential race.  She is a thinker, not a typist, so I keyed in this Position Statement for her.)

I am just a dog living way out in the middle of the ocean … but I see what’s going on and I’m one worried K-9.

One of the presidential candidates wants to put a 35% tariff on goods imported into the United States.  He says that will make the cheaters pay.  That ruffles my fur.

Some people are buying into this pile of poop … but I’m a practical old hound dog, I think it is just plain dumb.  The “cheaters” will not pay, they will simply raise their prices to cover the cost of the tariffs.  (But the government will collect some money from it, so maybe that is the hidden agenda in all this.)

He says the tariffs will create new jobs.  That could be good … well, good for those who get the new jobs.

But what about the rest of us, those of us who stand on our own four paws, those of us who have jobs?  I have a job, I’m a Watch Dog.  The tariffs would increase the price of some of my collars, leashes, and toys 35% … my cost of living will go up. 

Is the candidate advocating that the rest of us get a 35% raise to off-set his price increases?  No, I haven’t heard anything about that … he plans to stick “the rest of us” with the bill for his tariffs.

“Tariff” is just a fancy word for another “Tax”.

I would find an additional 35% tax harder to swallow than a dry dog biscuit.  How about you?  Would you like paying 35% more?  Think about that before you vote.

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5 thoughts on “Margie’s Position on Tariffs

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  2. Aloha Wayne,

    Since I’m from the frozen north I can’t help out with a vote, but this sure doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy. Margie sure seems like a wise pup, maybe we will get to meet her when we’re in Kauai. I might give you a call one of these days to chat some golf for our upcoming Kauai trip which is sneaking up in a little over a month!


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