Round Played: with Dan Roton and Andy DeGeus –

By Wayne Halm –

On June 30th 2016 I played the Wailua Golf Course with Dan Roton from Aptos, California and Andy DeGeus from Koloa, Hawaii.  Three guys out to have a good time … that’s what we were … and we did.

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2016-06-30--#01--Golf ar Wailua - Andy and Dan

Andy and Dan


Wayne on the Wailua Golf Course on Kauai

Here is what I looked like on this day


At 6,585 yards the Wailua Course plays long for me – I don’t score well there.  But I love it because much of it runs right alongside the beach.

The first green at the Wailua Golf Course on Kauai.

The beach is OB


Andy on the Wailua Golf Course on Kauai

It is OB … but golf balls find it so inviting


The Wailua Golf Course is a muni – but a muni with history.  There is a reason these tournaments were held here.

Tournament sign at the Wailua Golf Course on Kauai

The course has some well-deserved credits


Maybe it was the wind … maybe it was the invisible “break toward the ocean” … or maybe it was just us … anyway we had our putting challenges

Andy and Dan on the Wailua Golf Course on Kauai

Andy and Dan putting beside the ocean


But our challenge was to have fun … and we met that challenge.  This was a great day.  It was the way golf should be.

I have set a 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people I haven’t met.  I’ve played with Dan before but Andy is number 28.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


A previous round with Dan


The Wailua Golf Course   808-241-6666


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4 thoughts on “Aptos, California and Koloa, Hawaii

  1. It was a great day, regardless of the score! I don’t even remember the score! I do remember the fun. That’s the way golf should be.

    I’ll see you in January, with plenty of new stories. I already miss your seven iron!

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    You sure know how to make a guy want to come back to Hawaii. You’re slowly chiseling away at that goal of 100 new people, maybe I’ll have to bring some friends over to help you out with that.


    • Aloha Josh,
      I look forward to your return. Yes, I am a little behind schedule with my 100 new people goal – I will have to double up to catch up. Tell Beth I said Hi.
      A Hui Hou,

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