Mini Post:  Not the Only Game in Town –

By Wayne Halm –

Neither Dan Roton nor I were invited to play in the US Open.  To show them that they weren’t the only game in town, we drove up to Princeville and played the Makai Golf Course on June 16th 2016.

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Dan on the Makai Golf Course on Kauai.



Wayne on the Makai Golf Course on Kauai.



We felt good about our decision.  We played a superior golf course and avoided the crowd distractions.  However, our round did have three things in common with the US Open – weather, high scores, and controversy.

The weather — We played under mostly blue skies, but the day before was a washout.  The course was still very wet.

High Scores — I don’t score well in wet conditions.  Sometimes I catch myself actually closing my eyes before impact.  Still this day was about fun, not scores.

Controversy —  On the tricky par-3 third hole I hit my wedge – it landed on the bank and spun back into the water.  Dan decided on a 7-iron and hit it to within a foot of the pin.   

Dan on the Makai Golf Course on Kauai.

I asked Dan if he wanted to buy the 7-iron … only then did he notice that he had taken the club out of my bag.


Similarities aside, Dan and I did the right thing.  Playing golf is always better than watching golf.  We had a lot of fun – this was golf the way it should be.

I have set a 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people I haven’t met.  I played with Dan before so the number remains at 27.  Want to be in that number?

 Come play golf with me.


A previous round with Dan

The Makai Golf Club    http://www.makaigolf.com    808-826-1912


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Dan on the Makai Golf Course on Kauai.

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9 thoughts on “Not the Only Game in Town

  1. Wayne, it’s good that you close your eyes before impact, especially on a wet day. Keeps the mud out of your eyeballs after you impart that terrific thud with your irons 🙂

    I got the best of both worlds on Father’s Day. Got to play and watch golf. Unfortunately the quality of play on the TV was better than on the course. Oh well, such is life.



    • Aloha Brian,
      Thanks for the kind words. Nothing destroys my confidence faster than realizing I closed my eyes. I’m glad that you got out on Father’s Day, and I’m sure the quality of play rivaled that on television.
      A Hui Hou,

    • Aloha Jim,
      Thank you. On that par 3 which club to hit is always a question. The elevation change allows a lot of time for the wind to affect the shot. Players have a lot on their minds, I understand how he could have went to the wrong bag – but it was funny.
      A Hui Hou,

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    It was probably for the best you didn’t play in the U.S.Open, Dan is probably more qualified to be your rules official than the USGA anyway, and he probably likes to have more fun. Although I do like watching golf and the U.S.Open, I can’t blame you for choosing to play. It is more fun and better exercise. I tried my best to do a bit of both on the weekend.


    • Aloha Josh,

      I finally got to see the video of the controversial “ball movement”. I had to watch it twice before I noticed the slight movement. If that is what usga golf has come to, count me out. No wonder kids don’t want to play golf.

      A Hui Hou,

  3. Aloha Wayne:

    Here is my recollection of my birdie at the signature 7th:

    I walked to the tee box with my iPad, using my Swing by Swing app to gather all the pertinent data–distance, wind speed, wind direction, change in altitude. It looks like a 7-iron. Yeah, that ought to do it! I walked back to the cart and pulled out a 7-iron. I thought to myself, “Now follow your set-up routine, focus, relax, rhythm.” I made perfect contact! It was a beautiful sight! Wayne said, “I’ll sell you that club.” I didn’t answer. I was busy holding the pose, watching my ball land next to the flag. The twosome in front of us were on the next tee box, so I held the pose, waiting for them to look over and see my masterpiece! I’m thinking, “Hurry! I’m getting a cramp in my calf holding this pose, waiting for your acknowledgement!” Finally, as they get in their cart and start to drive away, one of them looks over and sees my ball. They wave, and I can finally relax and I wave back, as if to say, “Thank you! Thank you very much!” I limp back to the cart to put my club away, but my 7-iron is still in its rightful place! Wayne says, “Like I said, I’ll sell you that club.” Classic! My best shot of the day, and it wasn’t even with my own club!

    I wonder how the USGA would have handled that one? I think we handled it better. We got a ton of laughs out of it for the rest of the round. Every time I hit a reasonably good shot, I checked to make sure it was my club. And I’ve already told the story at least a half dozen times since last week, spreading the joy and laughter!

    Thanks for the memories Wayne!

    • Aloha Dan,

      We did have a lot of fun didn’t we? I think the usga has promised a ruling by the end of the month – but they are totally irrelevant now.

      I’m looking forward to playing again.

      A Hui Hou,

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