Restoring Focus to Memorial Day –

By Wayne Halm –

The American Memorial Day is May 30, 2016.  This is a day set aside to remember and honor the men and women who have died serving in the US Military.

That solemn reason is sometimes lost to our holiday gatherings.  To help bring Memorial Day into focus, I ask the following easy activity be included in your holiday.

I call this activity “The Reading”.  It really is simple, just:

  • Get everyone’s attention and announce that you are going to do “The Reading”.
  • Give each person a piece of paper with the name of someone who died serving in the US military written on it.
  • Explain that those are the names of men and women who gave their lives protecting our country.
  • Then, one at a time, have everyone stand up, read the name out loud, and say “Thank you”.

That’s it.  Just read the name out loud and say “Thank you”.  The older folks will remember and the younger ones will begin to understand.

“George Lambert – Thank you”


The names:  You will need the names of men and women who died performing military service – there are a lot to choose from.

  • If you know someone, by all means include their names.
  • Many towns have a Memorial with names on it.
  • Google can find plenty of lists for you.
  • virtualwall.org lists 58,169 worthy names by hometown.

If you know of other places that list the names of Americans who died in military service, please leave a comment below describing them.

Imagine everyone in your gathering, young to old, standing up, reading a name, and saying “Thank you”.   Now, imagine millions of Americans reading a name and saying “Thank you”.

This is worthwhile.  This is something all Americans can do.

Spread the word.  Please link to this post on all of your social media accounts.  Encourage all of your friends to participate.  I believe those valiant Americans who died defending our country would like being remembered by name – and they deserve it.

Thank you.

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