Opinion: The Masters Mystery –

By Wayne Halm –

I admit it – there is a long list of things I don’t know about golf.  Right at the top of the list is The Masters Mystery.  I just don’t know why golfers watch the tournament.

Maybe I’m just not into “hero worship”.  When people ask me, “Who is your favorite golfer?”, I reply “Me”.  I don’t understand why I would be expected to care about one professional golfer more than another.

Or maybe I just don’t care much for spectator sports.  I play golf – I don’t watch golf.  I do worry about tournaments siphoning golfing dollars away from the courses.  Tee times are easy to get this weekend.

But really I am probably just selfish.  I don’t want to talk about Jason Spieth’s birdie, I want to talk about my birdie.  And folks I don’t care how well you strike the ball, you can’t make a birdie sitting in front of the television.  Get out on a golf course.

Come play golf with me.


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9 thoughts on “The Masters Mystery

    • Aloha Brian,

      Hahaha – Yep, I would love that too. Josh and I had a great time over at Manele – but that might be closed to my pay grade now.

      A Hui Hou,

  1. I see where you are coming from, but I disagree. Watching the pros can serve as motivation to a lot of people. I distinctly remember watching Tiger as a young boy and getting hooked on the game. I am a sports nut though so to each his own!

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    Respect for that opinion my man. Watching Tiger as a young lad is part of what inspired me as a young golfer. I like watching golf…but, preferably I am watching it in the afternoon after I have already played a round myself! I would be hard pressed to choose watching over playing, I try do both when I can. And, here in Canada when it is winter and we cannot play, sometimes watching is all we have, haha.


  3. Great post Wayne. I totally agree with your thoughts. I played football for years, did long distance running for years, but never had a favourite player or runner. Never that I ever thought of going proffesional. It was all just for fun.

    • Aloha Hanne,

      I can see you as a ballplayer or runner (of course the image of you with cake on your face comes to mind first). Thank you for agreeing. Sports is something that should be done, and done for fun! Most dreams of being a professional are just that – faded unfulfilled dreams. But the memories of playing – those stick around,

      A Hui Hou,

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