Mini Post: New Sticks –

By Wayne Halm –

I guess it is time, my Ping Zings are older than some of the people I golf with.  Still, I’m sentimental and find it painful.

Yeah, like me, the Pings are showing their age.  Scuff marks and worn grips, the new luster has definitely faded.  But they have been with me for so many rounds, the bare spots on the grips fit my fingers.

2016-03-10--#02--New Golf Clubs - Old clubs

Ping Drive and Wedge

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And my bag is in rough shape too.  More zippers are broken than work and the legs frequently get stuck.  Yet people still do comment on how the color matches the Mean Green Machine (the Mustang).

2014-07-17--#01--Golf - Mustang.jpg

The Mean Green Machine


Deep down I knew the time was coming.  I had looked at, and handled, a set of Tommy Armour Silver Scot clubs.  I liked them.  But felt as if I was betraying my old friends and just couldn’t put down the American Express card.

However, Sally was embarrassed by the condition of my clubs, I had to do something.  So I suggested a compromise – a new bag and grips to dress things up.  She could pick out the bag and I the grips.  She agreed to try it.

So we went to the golf store, there is only one on the island.  That was a disaster.  They wanted $185 for their cheap bag and $13 (plus $5 install) per grip.  I thought the prices outrageous and told them “no.”  To my surprise Sally agreed.

Back to square one.  I had to move on to Plan B – check on the Internet.  But before I could my birthday arrived.

On that morning Sally reached into the back of her closet and pulled out the set of Tommy Armour clubs.  She had seen me flirting with them and decided to settle the problem.

2016-03-10--#03--New Golf Clubs - New clubs

Tommy Armour clubs


So now I have new sticks and need to go learn to hit them.  That should be fun to watch – in case anyone wants to come along.

I have set a 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people that I haven’t met.  The number thus far is 16.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


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10 thoughts on “New Sticks

    • Aloha Jim,

      Yep, Sally is a keeper. I never know what she is going to come up with. I will probably be leaving more balls around the courses for a while, but I will get used to the new sticks – I’ll let you know.

      A Hui Hou,

    • Aloha Beth,

      Yes, sometimes Sally treats me pretty good. I like the new clubs and hope they fit my swing better than the rentals did on Lanai.

      Are you folks out on the courses yet?

      A Hui Hou,

  1. Aloha Wayne,

    You found one of the good ones, buddy. I’m referring to Sally, of course. The clubs look good too…keep us posted how they work out. It can take a few rounds to get used to new sticks, but it’s always a fun journey.


    • Aloha Josh,

      Oh yeah, marrying Sally is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But right now I’m anxious to take my new sticks out on a course. I suspect my first tee question will be pertinent, “Let’s see which way they go today?”

      A Hui Hou,

  2. I guess I am your doppelgänger in Destin . I now have four complete sets of clubs (mostly Callaway and Ping) after giving a set to each of my nephews. When I was shooting in the low 80’s I was sure that it was all about the equipment. As my scores increase (significantly) I realize that it is more of a maturization process. My swing, like my clubs, are becoming petrified. Wayne, let me know when you get to Florida area. Sandestin Golf and Beach resort. Put you up for a couple of nights if you don’t beat me every day. By the way, my deck expansion in Gretna was a lot more painful than yours in a tropical paradise .

    • Aloha Robert,

      Wonderful to hear from you buddy!!!

      I remember San Destin quite well. Sally lived there in the late 80s and I spent a couple of years in Destin in the late 90s. It is a great resort. Watch out, I may take you up on your offer.

      On rare occasions I can shoot in the low 80s. But usually I get distracted, over confident, or just plain tired and the score creeps up to around 90. Even so, as my blog shows I do enjoy being out on the courses.

      Kauai has some challenging and beautiful golf courses. Come see them. Come play golf with me.

      A Hui Hou,

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