Round Played: with Mark Schacter and Susan Heritage –

By Wayne Halm –

On February 26th 2016 I played the Puakea Golf Course with Mark Schacter and Susan Heritage from Toronto, Canada.  Fun folks and a great golf course, you bet we had a good time.

Susan and Mark on the Puakea Golf Course.

Susan and Mark


The Puakea Golf Course is sometimes called “The Hidden Gem of Kauai”.  It plays among the hills and streams at the base of Mount Haupu.  The course is not near the ocean, but the Puakea Golf Course has its own beauty, charm, and mystery.

17th fairway on the Puakea Golf Course.

Beauty?  Yes it is.


12th and 13th greens on the Puakea Golf Course.

Charm?  You’ve got to admit, this is charming.


Susan on the 6th tee at the Puakea Golf Course.

Mystery?  How can a golf course have mystery?  Well, it is a mystery how all 3 of us missed this green for only 156 yards away – some of us twice!


Interestingly Puakea seemed to be in the process of giving their greens attention one at a time.  Many were absolutely perfect – others were patiently waiting their turn.  But we did not have to wait, the pace was excellent on this day.

We finished in time to stop in at the Kalapaki Joes sports bar for a beer, wings, and a re-telling of the round.  However, a Curling Match was on one of the televisions and Susan interrupted the re-telling to explain the sport to me – ice evidently had a grain to it just like greens.

Wayne Susan and Mark at Kalapaki Joes.

The staff at Kalapaki Joes are better know for their serving than their camera work.


We mixed some lesser shots in with the good ones, but this was a fun day.  We are planing to do it again.  It was the way golf should be.

I have set a 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people that I haven’t met.  Mark and Susan were numbers 15 and 16.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


The Puakea Golf club 808-245-8756 or http://www.puakeagolf.com/


 I’ve posted about rounds played with other folks from Canada – see the links below.

Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk  —  Josh Strukoff —  Peter Szilva  


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6 thoughts on “Toronto, Canada

  1. looks like a great day, great course and good company
    makes me want to be there
    looking forward to seeing more updates on the way to 100!!

    • Aloha Graham,

      It was a great day – of course it would have been better if you had been with us buddy. I’ve got high hopes of making the 100, keep following.

      A Hui Hou,

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    You can always count on a couple of Canadians for a good time! The course looks awesome – goes to show you that golf in Hawaii can hold its own even without ocean views. Can’t wait to experience more of it in the near future.


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