Other Stuff: Golf – Rain – and Big Waves –

By Wayne Halm –

Of February 25th 2016 I went up to the Makai Golf Course at Princeville.  It was raining too hard to play.  I had one of their delicious Breakfast Sandwiches and waited around a while, but no luck – this just wasn’t the day.

Time to execute Plan B.  Huge waves, up to 50 feet high, were rolling in from the northwest.  I wanted to get you some pictures of them and drove over to the cliffs at Princeville.

However, it quickly became apparent that, from the cliffs and through the rain, my iPhone camera wasn’t going to capture anything dramatic.  But we got lucky.

The Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational surfing tournament was held at Waimea Bay on this day.  And fortunately for us Gary Miyata was there to photograph it.  Below are a couple of the awesome images he captured.


 When they talk about Big Waves, that is exactly what they mean – photo by Gary Miyata.



Of course even for the Pros it doesn’t always work out – photo by Gary Miyata.


See hundreds more of Gary’s stunning photos on his website at http://garymscreations.zenfolio.com/Gary is a guy with TALENT!!

Big waves aside, I will be back on a golf course in a couple of days.  I need to work on my 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people that I haven’t met.  The number thus far remains at 14.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


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