Political Post: Margie’s Position on Education –

By Wayne Halm –  (My dog, Margie, is interested in the 2016 US Presidential race.  She is a thinker, not a typist, so I keyed in this Position Statement for her.)

Perhaps I’ve grown soft.  Maybe I’m just a selfish old hound dog.  But I don’t think I’m alone in that.

I’ve grown to like safe running water, garbage collection, police and fire protection, good roads, and military security.  These, and many other things, make life easier for an old dog.

But think about that for a moment.  What do all those things require?  They all require tax dollars.

Who is going to pay the taxes when I retire?

I guess it will be the kids – I just don’t see anyone else to do it.

To pay those taxes the young pups will need jobs.  Good high paying jobs that enable them to pay the taxes.  And those jobs are going to require an education.

So I am running with the pack that supports education – lots of education.  If a college education for everyone is at all possible, I’m behind it.  The kids will need every bit of the education they can get.  I think of it as building better taxpayers.  And better taxpayers will make my old age better!  Yeah, I’m a selfish old hound dog – are you?

WARNING: Before you join the “Education is Important” pack consider: a lot of the newly educated will be women – they may graduate with ideas of their own.

What do other candidates think about this issue?  Ask them – then

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