Mini Post: Me and my Golf Game –

By Wayne Halm –

I’ve long held that the only difference between my golf game and a Pro’s game is the number of bad shots between the good ones.  I already hit some shots absolutely as well as the Pros.  People laugh when I say that, but it is true.

Eliminating some of the bad shots seems like a good idea.  The first step is identifying the bad shots, maybe there is a pattern, maybe I can work on the worst offenders first.  To do this I made a paper form for recording each shot and the result (to see it click the PDF file below).

Blank Form – PDF file

To use this form I defined good, so-so, and bad shots as follows:
Good shot – the ball ended up fairly near where I intended.
So-so shot – the ball ended up in the general area I intended.
Bad shot – the ball ended up nowhere near where I intended.

Armed with the form I went out and played the ocean nine at Hokuala.  I expected to identify some shots I needed to work on.  To see the results click on the PDF file below (the scan of the original proved unreadable so I typed it onto the form).

Completed Form – PDF file

So what do the results tell me?  On the surface it seems that I went through a period of over-swinging my tee shots and that I am way too tentative with the long putts.  Very good, I can work on both of those.

The form also pointed out a deeper problem, a weakness in my character.  After my bad tee shot on 11 I pulled out my wedge and got back into the game, smart play.  However, I let the poor tee shot on 12 get into my head.  Frustration occupied part of my brain and poor decisions followed.  It stayed in my head for 3 holes, that is going to be harder to cure.  Golf really is played between your ears.

In spite of the problems it was a fun round.  Did you notice the birdie on 16?  Without the form that is all I would have remembered.

For those who might be wondering what kind of guy shoots a round like this and still calls it fun, here is a recent picture of me.

wayne for post

Maybe it is the writing job, but any day on a golf course is more fun than work.


Oh, the form also supports my comparison of me and the Pros.  Take note of the last putt on each hole.  Perhaps a Pro could have done it sooner – but it went in and nobody could have done it any better.

If you have any suggestions about my problems please leave a comment.  I will appreciate them.

I played as a single on this day.  So I didn’t get any closer to my 2016 goal of playing golf with 100 people that I haven’t met.  The number thus far remains at 14.  Want to be in that number?

Come play golf with me.


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4 thoughts on “Wayne and the Pros

  1. Aloha Wayne,

    That’s a cool way to see a snapshot of your round and figure out which shots were trouble and which ones were your “go to” shots. My only advice would be that once you learn which shots you should work on, try your best to develop selective amnesia and forget the bad and replay the good.


  2. Great idea – I keep, FW, GIR, Putts, penalty strokes every round and try to recreate the round in my mind in the evening, and after I have relaxed a little. I like your idea of rating your shots though. Positive feedback and trying to recreate what you were thinking about on those could help a lot!

    Aloha –

    PS – hope to see you in ’17, if I have to wait that long! All the best on Sally’s new adventure/job. Love that area.

    • Aloha Chris,

      I really do try to play golf one stroke at a time. I rarely get to do it but I do try.

      Sally and I will be looking forward to your return. We’ll get in some more golf and maybe some dinners.

      A Hui Hou,
      Wayne .

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