Mini Post: Travel and Visitor Calendar –

By Wayne Halm –

Are we slowing down?  What do you think?

There are people who travel more than Sally and I, but we do get around a bit.  In 2015 one or the other of us was ‘on the road’ for 99 days.

However, the records indicate a slowing trend.  In 2013 we were on the road for 146 days, in 2014 it was 113 days, and now 99 days. We do seem to be slowing – maybe that is natural.

Records?  Yes, we have records of our travels because I keep them.  Click on the link below to see the record for 2015 (it is a PDF).

2015 Travel and Visitor Calendar

But I don’t feel bad about things.  The records show that while Sally and I may be slowing a bit, the rest of you are picking up the pace.  In 2015 we entertained friends for 43 days verses 26 days in 2014 and 22 days in 2013.  I like that.  Do you want to be in that number?  Then get on an aeroplane and ….

Come play golf with me.


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2016-01-17--#01--Golf at Hokuala - Wayne and Sally

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8 thoughts on “Are We Slowing Down

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I still think you and Sally are a lot on the road. 99 days is much, even if you have been slowing down a bit. But the most important is that you are happy – slowing down or not, and travel as much as you feel like 🙂

  2. I would love for Greg and I to come and visit you all…Hawaii is one of the places we have not traveled to…

  3. Aloha Wayne,

    I think it’s great that you document when you travel and when you have visitors. What a great thing to look back on! I’m happy to be part of your 2016 travels (to Lanai), and hopefully soon I can be a visitor as well.


    • Aloha Josh,

      Yes buddy, I “have” to write thing down – not because I am a writer, but because my memory is so bad. However, I do remember a great time on Lanai, and look forward to another one here.

      A Hui Hou,

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