Mini Post: Deck Rebuild –

By Wayne Halm –

Some people have said that timing is everything.  I won’t go that far, but I do believe timing is important.

I also believe that my timing is not very good.  The decision to rebuild this deck during the rainy season is an example of my poor timing.   Today rain caused another delay.

2015-11-29--#01--Deck Rebuild - rain

This little blessing for the grass stole another half day from me.


However, in the afternoon I was able to get the permanent top rail installed.  So the day wasn’t a total wash-out.

2015-11-29--#02--Deck Rebuild - railing

Sally liked that I rounded the edges of the railing.


Finished or not, we had cocktails on the deck in the evening.  Not a Grand Opening but a little celebration none the less.

Check back tomorrow and see what surprises the weather and the deck have in store for me.

Then — Come play golf with me.


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6 thoughts on “Deck Post 17 Timing

    • Aloha Jim,

      Thank you. The weather is doing a great job of it. I just wish that when it rained here it wouldn’t rain on the golf course … but that is just wishing.

      A Hui Hou,

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