Boudreaux Joke: The Universal Urge –

By Wayne Halm –

Life is again getting in the way of my golf – don’t you hate it when that happens?  So once again I will offer you something from my South Louisiana Heritage, another Boudreaux Joke.

For those not familiar with Boudreaux Jokes:  Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are two buddies from the bayou country of south Louisiana – they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.  Charmaine is Boudreaux’s wife, she is really pretty.  They all speak Cajun which is considered a strong dialect of English by some – but I have softened the dialogue so all can understand it.

Deep in the south of Louisiana mosquitoes and Boudreaux Jokes are ubiquitous; people are constantly slapping one and hearing the other. The mosquitoes we could do without, but the Boudreaux Jokes are a joy.  Below is one of them.


The Universal Urge

Charmaine was taking a night course in biology at the community college.  The lecture one particular night was titled “Procreation, the Universal Urge of Life”.

She was late to class and tried to sneak into the back of the room but the professor saw her and decided to amuse the class at her expense.

“Glad you could join us Mrs. Boudreaux.  As sort of a quick review, just to catch you up, what do you think your husband is doing when you’re having sex?” he asked.

The class giggled and Charmaine was embarrassed by the question.  But she was late and figured she deserved it, so she answered, “I don’t always know fer sure.  But most of de time I think he’s drinking and playing pool wit Thibodeaux.”



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Read the book then – Come play golf with me.

3 thoughts on “Boudreaux Joke: The Universal Urge

    • Aloha Josh,

      Thank you. If I don’t get back on the courses soon, my golf tales will be more about bogies than birdies. (But you know, that’s okay, I will be playing golf.) Maybe this Sunday.

      A Hui Hou,

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