Golf Fashion: Golf Fashion and Valentine’s Day presents –

By Wayne Halm –

Valentine’s Day — Like many guys, I usually dread it, but his year I did good –

My wife, Sally, and I exchange presents for Valentine’s Day – this is what we did this year.

Sally got me a new golfing outfit.  She and Priscella considered the results of my Fashion Advice Needed post and didn’t argue or question me.  Thanks to all who participated and helped to keep my life simple.

My new outfit - shirt - belt -and shorts

My new outfit – shirt – belt – and shorts


As a present I wrote Sally what I considered to be a humorous and flattering piece.  Not a poem but rather an announcement of my feelings.  I didn’t send it to her – I posted it on Facebook for all of her friends to see.  This is what I posted:

Hawaiian Health Alert – from Wayne Halm
It has been confirmed that Sally Halm was diagnosed with inoperative AWESOMENESS.  This condition is benign and she feels no ill effects – indeed she is not even aware of it.
However, its effect on everyone in contact with her is significant.  If you have had any form of contact (face-to-face, telephone, email, or facebook) with the woman pictured below, you are susceptible.
You may experience an unexplained sense of wellbeing, unprovoked smiles, unexpected giggles, and general happiness.  These symptoms are sometimes accompanied with a mild feeling of guilt.
There is no known treatment for the symptoms.  Yet, research has shown that the guilt can be mitigated somewhat by sending her a Valentine’s day message.
Protect yourself –send her a message!!!




This worked out wonderfully well.  She received over 200 comments, emails, texts, and phone calls.  She did feel special!

And for my efforts I got her permission to play golf as much as I want!

Guys, consider giving this a try.

Come play golf with me.

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