Round Played: with Frank and Roe Ciuffani –

By Wayne Halm –

Golfing in the sunshine –

On January 29th I played the Kauai Lagoons course with Frank and Roe Ciuffani from Monroe Township, New Jersey.  Dr. Andy Lee from Oahu joined us.  This made a fun four-some.  (Click on the pictures for a larger view – then use the browser ‘back’ button.)

Roe and Frank

Roe and Frank




I was happy.  I had good company and I struck the ball well.  Not a well as Andy, but well for me – Andy can hit the ball a solid country mile.

Kauai Lagoons - 6th Tee

There are places on the course that absolutely demand a good drive.


Kauai Lagoons - 6th tee area.

I believe Roe was just happy the red tees were on the other side of the canyon.


It didn’t take long for our group to settle into “good-time mode”.  We were scoring well and everybody seemed to know a new joke.

Kauai Lagoons - 11th tee

Most of our second shots were going past Andy’s drives – that was reason to smile.


We were a happy congenial group when we got to the ocean.  I made everyone pause for a picture on the 14th tee – I knew what was going to happen.

Kauai Lagoons 14th tee

Happy golfers before hitting from the 14th tee.


There is something about the obvious challenge on the 14th hole.  Few want to admit it, but it ratchets up the competition a notch.


Kauai Lagoons 14th tee

Roe showed off some good form


Kauai Lagoons 14th green

And Andy demonstrated some excellent putting


Kauai Lagoons 14th green

But somehow you can just tell who won the hole.


Competition or not, golfing beside the Pacific Ocean on Kauai put a smile on my face.  It was contagious – everyone caught the smiles.

Kauai Lagoons 15th green

Roe and Frank – Smiling golfers on the 15th green.


Kauai Lagoons 16th tee

Roe and Frank – Smiling golfers on the 16th tee


A par on the signature 16th hole is special.  It is a good feeling.  It affects different people in different ways.  It makes some people friendlier.

Kauai Lagoons 16th green

Roe’s putt on 16


Kauai Lagoons 16th green

Frank’s reward on 16


Andy continued with his monster drives, crisp irons, and accurate putts until the end – no slump for that guy.

Kauai Lagoons 18th green

Andy’s putt on the 18th — Yes, he made it


This was a great day on the course. We paid our respects to the Golden Bear.  Then walked off the course laughing with our scores low and our spirits high – the way golf should be.

Kauai Lagoons Golden Bear Statue

Paying respects to The Golden Bear


Come play golf with me.


The Kauai Lagoons Golf Club 800-634-6400 or http://www.KauaiLagoonsGolf.Com .

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