Golf News: Hawaii Golf –

By Wayne Halm –

Want to know more about Golf in Hawaii? –

There is more to Golf in Hawaii than I cover on this blog.  There are things that I just don’t know about.  Fortunately there are people who do know – and they write for the Hawaii Golf News and Travel newspaper.



This twelve page quarterly newspaper reports golf news from throughout the Hawaiian Islands.   The paper contains articles about:

  • PGA and LPGA events
  • Rules of Golf
  • Local Tournaments
  • Local Golfers
  • Golf Lessons and Tips
  • and Golf Equipment

Hawaii Golf News and Travel also contains articles by Wayne Halm.


The newspaper has circulation of 7,500 in Hawaii – and now you can have it mailed to you for essentially the cost of postage.  I’ve included a picture of the order form below.



Print the form – fill it out – mail it with your check – and start receiving this informative newspaper.  The next issue is due out in March.

Between the newspaper and this blog you should get a good view of golf in Hawaii.

Come play golf with me.


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