Other Stuff:  A Peek into Island Life –

By Wayne Halm –

No golf Today – Secretly I was relieved when it was canceled, I wasn’t sure I could reach around the “Thanksgiving Dinner Bulge” in my stomach.

Instead I’ll give you a peek into my life on the island.   No, I don’t just play golf, I do other stuff too.   And no, I don’t sleep until noon.

I think the scan of a magazine article below describes one aspect of life here fairly accurately.  (If you click on the image it will display large enough to read.)

Kauai Family Magazine Article Scan

So you see, I’m a hard working guy.   But golfers don’t worry, I have another round scheduled for tomorrow.   I will try to post about it in a day or two.

Come play golf with me.

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S&W 1-0550

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