Opinion: What Golf Ball to Play –

By Wayne Halm –

What golf ball do you play? — And Why?

Out here in Hawaii we have many opportunities to play golf – and many more opportunities to lose golf balls.  Ravines, valleys, lakes, lagoons, and the Pacific Ocean – they all swallow golf balls without a burp.  I know from experience – the following holes will eat golf balls one after another.

Kauai Lagoons Course #14

Kauai Lagoons Course #14 – this is one place the Island is still growing – one golf ball at a time.


Makai Course # 3

Makai Course # 3 – a real swimming hole for golf balls.


Kauai Lagoons Course #16

Kauai Lagoons Course #16 – don’t use a ball you are attached to.


Kauai Lagoons #17 and #18

Kauai Lagoons #17 and #18 – the final resting place of many many of my golf balls.


As this blog shows, I play golf with a lot of people.  Most of these people have a favorite golf ball – and are adamant about it.  They know it characteristics and will argue the benefits of using it.  I am the same.

Other balls I have

Balls people have given me to try.


I play with Noodles.  I could say it’s because the lower compression fits my slower swing speed, or the softer ball gives more putting control – but the real reason is that I can afford to lose them.

My Noodles

My Noodles


Imagine yourself standing on the 6th tee at the Kauai Lagoons course.  You are staring across a valley at the fairway 190 yards away.  The valley is completely full of Mango trees and you notice their tops swaying in the stiff left to right Trade Winds.  As you tee-up you have enough on your mind – you don’t need to be also worrying about the cost of the ball you are about to lose.

In case you are having difficulty imaging - this is the shot I'm describing.

In case you are having difficulty imaging – this is the shot I’m describing.


Take some of the worry out of golf – match your golf ball to your circumstances.  You will be a happier golfer.

Come play golf with me.

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4 thoughts on “What Golf Ball to Play

  1. I prefer to play “previously enjoyed” balls. Pro V’s if folks are kind enough to lose them. My wife walks the courses with me and takes pictures and ball hawks, so I can afford to be fussy about what I play. I like the Srixon Z star as well.

    • Aloha John,
      You are a wise man – I too appreciate people leaving balls on the course for me.
      I also like that you make golf a family activity. We need more of that, I think golf should be Fun. Please check back and see my version of the game.
      Come play golf with me.
      A Hui Hou,

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