Golf Story: The Closer I Get to him –

By Wayne Halm – 

I have a long standing love/hate relationship with my glasses.

I can’t read without them – and I can’t walk with them.

My wife, Sally, also has reading glasses.  Whereas I bought mine for clarity and comfort, she bought hers for style and fashion.  She is always taking mine from my desk, reading something, and leaving them where-ever she finishes.  Almost every day I spend some time looking for my glasses.

Now for the golf part of the story.

It was back in the 90s at the Princeville Resort on the north-shore of Kauai – Sally’s friend, Linda, wanted to play golf with me.  Sally had clients and couldn’t go with us, but Linda and I went out on The Prince Course.

The Prince is an extremely challenging golf course – but Linda and I didn’t let that bother us.  We simply adjusted our expectations and had a great time – woohoos, atta boys, atta girls, high fives, back slaps, and hip bumps – we did it all.  (If any golfers think that is excessive, I suggest you go play The Prince Coursealong about the third hole you will be celebrating simply finding your ball too.)

The Prince Course - Notice the opening hole in the background

The Prince Course – Notice the opening hole in the background


I will not brag about our scores.  However, I will mention that we did not run out of golf balls – not every Prince Course player can say that.  We finished ahead of many.

After golf Linda insisted on cooking for me – we asked Sally to join us.

In Linda's condo - Linda and Sally

In Linda’s condo – Linda and Sally


At the table Sally asked Linda, “How was golf?”

Linda giggled and answered, “Fantastic. We had a wonderful time. Wayne is so much fun, and he has great eyes. Wayne is the perfect man!

Both Sally’s eye-brows crawled up completely under her hair.  She looked over at me and studied my blue eyes.  I had no idea where this was going – but was pretty sure I was going to find out.

Sally said, “Tell me more about how he is so perfect.”

Linda enthusiastically replied. “It’s his eyes, Sally.  The closer I get to him – the less he can see.  Perfect!

To this day Sally remembers that comment.  Whenever I complain about not being able to find my glasses, she will say, “I just want you to be perfect dear.”

Come play golf with me.


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