Round Played: with Bill Beltz –
By Wayne Halm –
We did it again.  Yes, Bill Beltz and I had so much fun last time – we played the Kauai Lagoons course again on August 1st 2014.  Now Bill has another great story to take home to Chandler, Arizona.

Karen, Bill’s wife, again rode along with us – but this time she wasn’t taking pictures – she was “styling”.

2014-08-01--#04--Golf at Kauai Lagoons - Karen.jpg

My round got off to a rough start.  I don’t know. I felt good – my swing felt good – contact was solid – but then I’d look up and see the ball flying off in odd directions.  Now I realize this was likely a ‘swing plane’ problem – but then I blamed it on ignorant golf balls.

Uncooperative golf balls can stop a low score.  However, they can’t stop determined golfers from having a good time.  We were in a light hearted mood and excelled at good times.

2014-08-01--#02--Golf at Kauai Lagoons -Bill and Karen.jpg

At the turn I had a talk with my golf balls in their native language – Chinese.  Maybe it helped, on the back nine they started landing on fairways and greens – and I started having birdie putts.

Yes, this was another fun round – the way golf should be.

Come play golf with me.

The Kauai Lagoons Golf Club 800-634-6400 or http://www.KauaiLagoonsGolf.Com .

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2014-08-01--#03--Golf at Kauai Lagoons -Karen and Bill.jpg

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