Round Played: with my Doctors –
by Wayne Halm –

On May 17th, 2014 I played the Makai Course at Princeville with Dr. Andrew So and Dr. Jay Murphy; Dr. So’s father, John, also joined us.

Oh, you don’t play golf with your doctors? Well, you should.  Give them a call.  You can likely get a golf game quicker than an appointment.

It was a good day to be out, the winds were light, the course was in great shape, and the greens were interesting – they were poka-dotted.  It appeared that the paspalum grass had completely recovered from the last aeration, they were very smooth – but the new grass over the plug holes was darker green than the rest.  Reads were interesting against the pattern.

The third hole on Makai always challenges my confidence.  A par three; from the tee box it runs down a 100 foot cliff and over a lake to the green (see the pictures below). From the white tees it’s 149 yards as the crow flies – but I hit golf balls not crows, and golf balls are not as reliable.  The elevation and the wind always make me wonder which club to use.  On this day my 9 iron landed on the back of the green – yeah, I was happy.

On Makai the last hole has not one but two lakes to cross.  My tee shot cleared the first in fine fashion, I was proud of it.  However, my hopes of posting a low score sank into the second lake.  Still, I am a bogie golfer and score takes a back seat to fun – this was a good day on the course.

The Makai Course –  http://www.makaigolf.com and  808-826-1912

Come play golf with me.

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Makai Course - 3rd Hole

Makai Course – 3rd Hole

Makai Course - Poka-dotted greens

Makai Course – Poka-dotted greens

Makai Course - Golfing Buddies

Makai Course – Golfing Buddies

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