Opinion: GPS systems –
By Wayne Halm –

I love them more all the time.  The GPS systems now commonly installed on resort golf carts are awesome things.

No longer do I wonder where to aim my tee shots, nor do I search for yardage markers and count paces to my ball – these marvelous machines provide me the information.  They greatly accelerate my shot planning calculations – but alas, they do little for my shot execution.

Recently the GPS systems even started talking to me.  At each tee they verbally give me ‘tips’ on playing the hole – and they do it in several languages!  I just pick the language I want, incredible.

However, I have an issue with the tips provided.  Most I’ve heard begin with, “Longer hitters can … “.  I’ve only played with one person who could make use of those tips.  That person was Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk ( www.LisaLongBall.Ca ).  What about the rest of us?

I think it would be good if another language was added to the GPS system menu.  Maybe call it “Bogie Golfer” and give some tips useful to us who aren’t “longer hitters”.

Come play golf with me.

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