Opinion: Killing the Goose –

By Wayne Halm –

I play golf.  I’m a bogie golfer on the good days.  Does that make me an ‘average golfer’?  Yeah, let’s call me that.

Golf is a game and a business.  The game is doing fine, but the business has a problem – fewer rounds are being played (and paid for) each year.

Why is the number of rounds declining?  That is the million dollar question – literally.  Vocal members of the PGA and USGA seem to have concluded that ‘slow play’ is the reason and blame the average golfer for it.

This seems extremely ill advised to me.  I find the stance offensive and believe more research should be done.  Perhaps one weekend a month golf courses should limit play to better than average players, i.e. only players with handicaps of 8 or less could play.  Then time the foursomes, see if they actually play faster.  Oh, and also keep track to the revenue generated – it might be instructive in deciding who to offend.

Obviously, I believe that blaming the customer for declining revenues is ‘Killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg.”

Come play golf with me.

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