Round Played: with John Cerey –
by Wayne Halm –

On April 30th, 2014 I played the Kauai Lagoons course with John Cerey of Chicago, Illinois.  His wife, Carol, rode with us on the back nine.

It was probably good that Carol didn’t see our front nine – we struggled.  I felt tired and tried to compensate by over-swinging.  That is not a good idea.  But to give the Jack Nicklaus design its due – the front nine (called Kiele Mauka) is tough.  Almost every poorly struck shot ends up on the score card; there are seldom opportunities to make up for them.

On the back nine (called Kiele Moana) John woke up and even posted a birdie on the card.  I continued what I call a ‘handicap maintenance round’, but enjoyed it vicariously through John’s good execution.

The trade winds were brisk during this round.  On 17 and 18 I judged them to require two extra clubs on the approach shots – I was right.  John followed my lead and landed his ball inside mine both times.  Oh yeah, we were smiling, it was a good end to a good round.  In spite of the score, we both enjoyed it immensely.

Come play golf with me.

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Carol and John Cerey


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