Welcome to Golfing on Kauai


The picture above was taken on the 16th green of the Hokuala Golf Club.  Yes, the ships actually do pass that close.

Golf on Kauai really is good – and I will try to convey the actual golfing experience here.  There are plenty of polished websites describing the golf courses, but I want to talk about the golfing experience on Kauai.

Most of my posts will concern rounds I’ve played.  In those I will attempt to give a ‘feel’ for playing the courses with me.  I will also give my opinion or golf related topics, some Kauai golf news, and other things that I feel might interest golfers.

I intend to make three or four posts a month.  Through the posts I hope to provide and image of me, and to show the smiling faces of happy golfers on Kauai’s golf courses.

Thank you for visiting – I hope you will return often.  I will strive to make the blog interesting – and please, comment on the posts (my opinions, like my driver, sometimes miss the course).

Come play golf with me.

A Hui Hou  (until next time)

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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there Wayne, I enjoy your posts and your idea that a golf blog should show how fun golf is, not just trying to sell stuff! Keep it up, gave you a follow. You might enjoy some of my stuff too.


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